My experience with Dr. Werner and the entire staff was EXCELLENT!!

Everyone was very knowledgeable without making you feel intimidated. They took the time to explain everything and made sure that what we discussed was understood, they made sure I was comfortable with the testing, procedures and the treatment we decided on. I say we because they don’t force any one option, they make sure you are informed and educated about all options to best help you. The office staff are always friendly and helpful. Maze laboratories definitely makes an awkward, stressful and overwhelming situation much easier to talk about and understand.

– ER, NY, Age 36

This Is The Best Place To Go!

This is the best place to go! The staff is very nice. The price is also very affordable. Five stars!

K.Z, NY, Age 32

Well Organized

Everything was well organized, result was ready on time…and I think that the online service also helped save time.

K.A, CT, Age 43

Free consultation

I originally gave their NYC offices 1 star but after  I posted that review, Dr. Werner called me, apologized and then spent almost an hour on the phone with me finding out in detail what my issues were with the clinic and my experience. At the end of our call he asked me to come in for a free consultation where

a) he showed me all the improvements they’d made; and 

b) he discussed all the options I had.

Again, he promised to follow up in a month…and he did. So while I wish the entire experience had been excellent, his willingness to address the issues makes me willing to upgrade my review to 3 stars.

 S.L, NY, Age 48