Maze Labs is now open on a limited basis for Semen Analysis, Blood work, emergency Sperm Cryobanking and Extended Sperm Search & Microfreeze.

To ensure the highest level of safety for our patients and staff, we’ve implemented a number of measures:

We’re looking forward to providing the best care for you, in a way that is most comfortable for you.

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  • “Sperm banking is appropriate for a variety of different situations. Most commonly, men will choose to bank sperm because they are about to undergo medical treatments which may affect their sperm production.”

    Who Should Consider Sperm Banking?

  • “Because our labs are in-house, we're able to perform all semen analyses within one hour of production. This maximizes the accuracy of the information obtained, which is essential for proper evaluation and treatment.”

    Results Within One Business Day

  • “Maze Labs is a state-of-the art facility specializing in semen analysis and sperm cryobanking. All services are provided on-site ensuring the highest quality and immediacy.”

    Specialized for Unparalleled Results