Maze for Men

Maze Men’s Sexual & Reproductive Health, is designed to treat the whole man. We strongly believe our patients need to have a complete understanding of the medical options available to them. Similarly, we need to be fully aware of their unique personal situation and priorities. Together, we decide on the course of treatment that makes the most medical and personal sense for each individual. Our team members are not only gifted scientists, they’re easy to talk to, non-judgmental and passionately committed to finding the best possible treatment. For many men, there are several issues to address, either simultaneously, or sequentially, and rigorous follow-up is an important part of it. No one else applies our level of resources or expertise to restoring sexual health. Learn More

Maze for Women

At Maze Women’s Sexual Health we recognize that it’s not “just in your head.” We advocate diagnosis of and treatment for the physical causes of female sexual dysfunction, as well as underlying psychological influences. We have a full team of experts trained specifically in female sexual health. We integrate education and psychological counseling with medical techniques specifically to help you achieve a full and satisfying sex life. Learn More

Maze Cord Blood

Properly storing your infant’s cord blood and tissue is a huge responsibility. We are committed to providing the highest quality cord banking — including collection, processing and storage — should your child ever develop an illness where their cord blood (and “stem cells”) are needed for treatment. We are FDA-approved and AABB-accredited, yet we balance this level of care with being affordable. Learn More